Now convert your Toyota Land Cruiser Prado to the new crusier 2018. The complete Prado coversion kit is exclusively available at SehgalMotors.PK. The package includes Chinese Conversion, Bodykit of your choice. Now you can choose the bodykit design from (1) Modelistta Style (2) OEM Style (3) TRD Style. Bodykits are made in China. Fitting servcies are available in Lahore & Karachi and delivery services are available nationwide. The installtion may take approx 5-9 hours tentatively. The price may vary as per certain choice of products.

It is becoming a trend in Pakistan that people are converting their old Land Cruiser v8 or Prado Model to New model launched worldwide. Currently we convert from 2008 model to 2019. The conversion is also known as Facelift and upgrade of Land Cruiser and Prado. The whole Facelift consist of many parts replacement like Pure Metal Hood Bonnet, Fenders, LED headlights, Front Grille, Toyota Front Logo, Lower Front Bumper, LED Foglamps, Back lights, Trunk(only in cruiser) , Trunk garnish, Number plate Frame, Rear bumper. and Front  and Back Modellista Bodykit  with elecroplated chrome. Replacing these parts convert it in to new model 2019. Currently every 2nd Facelifted car in Pakistan is done by SehgalMotors.PK  Because of  the reason the quality  of parts is high end similar to Japanese quality. more than 500 Satisfied Customers have a great Feedback about this conversion done by We have the best and most experienced proffessional Team to convert in to new model. Never compromise on Quality standard or you will regret if you give this job to unproffessional labour to save few rupees. The paint job has three categories. Either you want a road side paint work done by local market or in Paint Booth with baking process which is the same practice done by Toyota company. The Paint work by Paint Booth has years of warranty. Local Market usually use Local Paint for paint work. while We use Italian Paint Challenger for this job being used by BMW Worldwide. The paint wont fade out nor it will be pealed off. Lower prices offered by local market shops actually has low class paint work and unproffessional team to assemble all parts. Do not compromise on quality standard.

The builtin led headlight provided by SehgalMotors.PK has a cut off and it is really bright as per oem standard being used in BMW Audi and Toyota Fortuner. The headlights wont melt, They wont get pale over time nor it will have any dust particles or water inside over time. This quality is as per OEM Standards by company.
Every part is available seperately if required to customer in future.

All Parts Including Headlamps, Backlamps and Foglamps and Paint have No Warranty or Guarantee of any sort ! No Claim Shall be given incase of any issue if something stops working or water damage of electronic products!

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16869 Toyota Prado Simple Conversion / Upgrade (without Headlights / Head Lamps & grille)

16648 Toyota Prado OEM Style Front Grille – Model 2009-2018

16856 Toyota Prado Head Light / Head Lamp Left OEM Style – Model 2009-2018

16857 Toyota Prado Head Light / Head Lamp Right OEM Style – Model 2009-2018

19951 Toyota Prado FJ150 Modellista Body Kit / Bodykit Back – Model 2018-2019

19950 Toyota Prado FJ150 Modellista Body Kit / Bodykit Front – Model 2018-2019